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Welcome to the chillier days and nights of November, when we spend more time with friends and family indoors near the fireplace and around the dining table!
We’ve been thinking about all of you lately, and realizing that many of you are moving into your 50’s, 60’s, and even 70’s, or have parents that are in those age brackets.  Thoughts may begin to cross your mind about whether your home is still working for you, or whether it is time to start weighing the benefits of remaining “in place” vs. a move to a smaller and more manageable home.  We’ve had many conversations with clients and friends/family about this subject.  The usual response is that it is easier than ever to modify a home to meet the needs that arise as we age, and that unless a home is truly too large to be viable anymore, with much yard maintenance as well, that you would rather stay in your homes.
With that in mind, we offer the following thoughts…..
Is Your Home As Safe As It Could Be?
As we all age, there are aspects of our homes that become more difficult to deal with.  Most of us much prefer to remain in our homes, rather than move to assisted living.  So, what do we do to create an environment that is easy to live in and safe at the same time?
Stairs are an obvious example, and one quick solution for an inability to climb stairs comfortably is to convert a downstairs den into a bedroom, with hopefully a full bathroom nearby.
But other things may present challenges as well.  For instance….are the counter tops in your kitchen at a height that allow you to work without back or arm strain?  Can you reach into your cabinets, both above and below, comfortably?  Even the littlest thing such as disposing of trash can become a major obstacle.
Bathrooms should be carefully re-designed as well – access to bathtubs and showers can be modified, plumbing fixtures can be altered to be more easily managed, and grab bars installed to minimize the possibility of slipping or falling.  Grab bars are good for everyone….young or old!
Floor surfaces should be slip-resistant, and light switches and electrical outlets re-installed at accessible heights.
These are just a few of the easily handled changes to make our homes safe for all, and for all the years we wish to spend in them.  You may wish to consider consulting a Universal Design expert if you are thinking about upping your safety quotient.  Call us if you need a suggestion.  You might want to visit the following website: to find ideas about modifying your home. And the best thing is…..whatever changes you make can either enhance the value to other homebuyers, or be reversed,when it is finally time to sell.
Be safe in your home, and enjoy living there!
The Federal Reserve is once again hinting that interest rates may go up early next year.  For buyers, that will mean less ability to purchase at the price you wish.  For Sellers, that will mean fewer buyers looking at your home.  Even in Silicon Valley, with the city of San Jose having the highest per capita income in the nation, price consciousness runs pretty high.  With rents going sky-high, perhaps some renters will begin to evaluate the possibility of purchasing again.  The city of San Jose is working on implementing a rent control regulation, but it isn’t clear whether or not that will be successful.  If you are a landlord with more than one rental property, you may wish to follow this more closely at 
And finally:
“Christmas in the Park” is under construction already in downtown San Jose!  By Thanksgiving, it will be in full swing with Christmas Tree Lanes, the Skating Rink, and the Carnival lighting up the downtown…..a perfect place to bring the children in your families, drink hot chocolate, listen to carolers, and enjoy meeting friends for a very festive evening.
And this is the time of year when it is more important than ever to give a little to those less fortunate.  The Santa Clara County Realtor Foundation (SCCR) has announced our “$1 Million Homeless Challenge”, which will benefit two homeless family shelters, and we’re on our way to the $100,000 mark already.  Please consider even a small donation to this wonderful cause, by going to and adding your contribution to those already coming from the greater community and corporate sectors.



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 We’ll be back next month or so, with another Real Estate Update.  In the meantime, Happy Holidays!!!
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